Frugal Basics

Coupon Hunting

The first question to succeed at couponing is where to find your coupons and coupons that you will use! I was a total believer in the beginning that I was only cutting coupons that I was going to use. Little did I realize that this tactic ended up harming my couponing rather than helping. The reason for this was that I was focusing only on products that I currently purchased – couponing involves stepping out of the box and trying new products – products that you could get great deals on and actually be buying more name brand items for less than the price of generic items!
The hunt is on – start looking everywhere for coupons as they are all over the place. Here are just a few with endless possibilities…..

Home Mailers
Hang Tags
Online Printable Coupons
Store Coupons
Friends, Family and Neighbors 

Be in the "KNOW" about Coupons

It’s always great to save money and everyone wants to save money, right? Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are using coupons:
  • Expect to get items for free; do not expect to get items for a negative amount.
  • Do not photocopy a coupon. This is considered coupon fraud and can possibly be tracked back to who has it.
  • To get the maximum amount out of your coupons you should expect to complete smaller transactions.
  • Coupons are not cash but do have a monetary consequence attached to them. The Manufacturer’s of the product listed on a coupon foot the bill for coupon usage.

Plan With Coupons

Knowing how each of your local stores accepts coupons is KEY to you using coupons. Every store ad that you receive will contain the information you need somewhere in small, itty-bitty print OR you can check the store website for coupon policies.