Feb 7, 2017

Frugal Wedding Savings!

Ever wonder how people are able to pull off those fancy weddings and still be able to have a savings after it is all over with?

Weddings today are becoming more and more extravagant and are honestly sometimes as much as ones entire year of wages. Crazy right?!?!? So the real question is - "Can you plan a wedding without breaking the bank?" And the answer is YES!

Venues, Flowers, Food, Tables, Chairs, Linens, Entertainment, Drinks, Photo Booths, Dessert Bars, Wedding Planners and the list goes on and on. In the end looking back will anyone remember the extra soft linens that cost you extra to have them double pressed? How about the chairs that you paid individual for because you wanted that specific style that you see in all of the magazines? Now, let's be honest. All of these things can happen very tasteful with a little planning and even though you are on a budget you can still have a stellar event that everyone will talk about for weeks, months, and years to come! Honestly, it really can all happen without breaking the bank!

So Where Do You Begin?

Set a BUDGET early! Budgets are your best friend during the whole process. If you set a budget early on then you have a benchmark and you really can stay on track throughout the rest of your planning process. When setting your budget it is also best to keep in mind a ballpark idea of the number of guests that you are planning on having. Later on in the process we will talk more about guests, but it is best to have somewhat of an idea when you are setting your budget. Make sure that you are documenting your budget. Whether you choose the notebook version or a computer excel sheet - either one works as long as you have easy access to this information. Remember it is going to be your best friend that you spend the length of your planning process right next to!

Next Up - Location, Date, Guests...