Sep 26, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Well you may be aware that I have been quiet for a little while now.  What happened to me?  Did I leave the frugal world ~ nope, not a chance!  While I have taken a break from the blog recently I must say that I have still kept quite busy.  How is this?  I recently moved into a new home - and as many of you know a new home brings lots and lots of work.  It has been fun work and I am happy to say that I am settled in for the most part.  Now the fun part comes - with being settled in to my new home I now want to focus a lot more on frugal aspects throughout everyday life.  I will focus on bringing lots of fun ways that I am going to strive at living even more frugal and having fun while doing it.  So please stick around and join me on this fun adventure, pull up a chair and a cup of coffee ~ and WELCOME to my new home!

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