May 4, 2013

JcPenney Sale Changes

As many of you know JcPenney has changed their sale tactics. 

After trial and error and alot of irritated customers they have listened and changed some of their sale strategies back to the old way.  While this is good for some there is still more changes to come.  Hopefully when everything is finished we will be back to the old way of bargain shopping at JcPenney!

To try to lure their customers back in they have been running special coupons.  This weekend there is a special $10 off $25 purchase coupon.  I for one ran to my JcPenney this weekend to see if I could score any deals - one of my purchases that I was very happy with was this beauty below, a Cuisinart Electric Cookie Press/Cake Decorator.  While it was originally $34 I was able to get this on clearance for $4 with an additional 25% off  -- can you say awesome deal!

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