Jan 15, 2013

Where Can I Find Coupons?

Alot of times the question that I get asked over and over is where to find coupons if I don't get the newspaper? 
Believe it or not the newspaper is always the last source that I use. 
In today's couponing world there are more coupons online at various sites such as Red Plum, Smartsource, and P&G (you can find links to all of these on my home page).  You can also find coupons by searching company websites.  My favorite way of finding coupons to use is to write manufacturers.  Very simple and takes a small amount of time.  So where do you start?  First I would compile a list of items that I use on a regular basis and/or would like to use.  Then from then I begin emailing the various companies.  Depending on the company your email could vary.  For instance I would send one email for commenting a company and something different if I had never used the product and would like to start using the product.  Then there are some times where I may have a complaint for a company and I would email them about that as well.  Alot of the time I try not to specifically ask for coupons.  Not all manufacturers are willing to send coupons so you may send a dozen emails and only get a handful of results back.  If a company turns you down in the email or does not give a positive response I always wait a couple months and may email back.  Companies allow for their employees to read and respond to the emails.  Many also have the employees respond to your email and will allow for them to be the ones who would send out coupons if they choose to do so.  Some companies only have certain times during the year that they send out their coupons.
Give it a try - look through your house and find the products that you use on a regular basis and take some time to send some emails.  Companies really like the feedback from their customers so it is always a positive situation for both sides involved!

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